Body Sensibility, Relaxation, Harmony

Swami ShivanandaSwami Sivananda Unity and Harmony for Body, Mind and Soul.

The art of yoga is more than 5000 years old and originates in India. Eremites who lived far away from civilization developed different postures (asanas) which they observed in animals and discovered their healing effects. Today the harmonizing effects of yoga have been scientifically proved and documented.

Yoga is meant for everybody and can be practised by everyone regardless of age. Even with a little practise one can experience the beneficial effects of yoga: deep relaxation of body and mind. vanish (relief from) of headache and back pain, reduction of shoulder and neck strain, more energy and vitality, clear mind not sure german geistige klarheit, stronger immune system, more self conficence and increase in concentration.

To experience these effects it is suffcient to attend a yoga class once a week and integrate some simple exercises into your daily routine.

Hatha Yoga is based on 3 major columns.
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1 ounce of practice is better than a thousand tons of theory !