Energy Healing

Energy healing means transferring energy through laying on of hands and utmost affectionate care.

The low vibrating, morbid energy and its physical manifestation in form of pain or mental problems resonates with the high vibrating healing energy. Thereby the physical intelligence starts the self-healing process immediately. Healing energy is transferred by setting impulses deliberately and the body changes visibly. The following can be observed for example: erection of the spine, straightening of pelvis or shoulders, improvement of mobility of the previously restricted joints etc.

Physical and mental blockages are dissolved.

The level of energy and the awareness are increased even if one does not suffer from bodily ailments.  The results are freedom, profound relaxation, balance, inner stability and calmness.


Since days of yore there have been people with healing hands who could cure others by transmitting the divine healing stream to them. Today, this holistic view has become an integral part in spiritual practices.



With this practice you develop a method to live your life according to your abilities and potentials. We go back to the time of your conception and you can become aware of deep-rooted false convictions which can be uprooted. Through metamorphosis you leave the caterpillar state and become a butterfly.


Aura Healing

As body blockages are also shown in a person´s aura, we work on this in order to release physical and mental blockages. This can bring about a positive change



Erection of the energetic spine

The spine is the column not only of our physical body but of our whole being and if defects occur like shifting or infections of the spine our postures and moving abilities are affected but also our nerves and inner organs as these are connected with the spine channel. Moreover, the defects can also be felt on the nenegetic level as the main energy channel is situated in the central spine channel.

With a specific impulse the energetic spine can be re-directed into its original position. This happens without touch. The body´s self-healing abilities get activated and the body makes the necessary corrections on its own.


Quanta Healing through 2-point Method

This is an efficient way to positively change difficulties and a chronically wrong life-style.


Craniosacral Body Healing



With most people, the upper cervical vertebra called Atlas is not in the correct position or even dislocated and thus can be the reason for vaious physical and emotional disturbances.
The spinal cord and nerves are exposed to constant slight or even heavy stress which can result in various serious problems.

The Karmic Atlas Release method uses carefully directed energetic impulses which activate the body´s own healing capacities and thus re-direct the Atlas into its original position. As this brings about an enormous increase in vibration not only on the part of the patient but also for the healer, a healing treatment with this practice needs at least 4 sessions to be successful. This treatment is completely safe and bears no risks as the patient´s body does the corrections on its own.



Cleaning houses and premises from negative influences

This method brings about an immediate positive bio-electronic release for the human body and its surroundings. At the same time, it prevents the body from future negative influences.

First the negative surrounding influences are cleared and then the vibrations are raised to a higher energetic level which is more healthy for physical, mental and emotional well-being.
The Clearing harmonizes permanently geological influences as well as electro smog in households. It also has a positive effect on the quality of the tap water. The human body and its organs profit from this method.

This method also protects from new bad influences like interference from mobiles, transmitters, radar, high tension lines, satellites and even from UMTS.

This is particularly important when health problems exist but also for healthy people it is recommended as a precaution, it is easier to maintain a good health through a healthy life-style than to fight a disease.


Long-distance reception

All treatments mentioned above are also available and effective via long-distance reception.