About me

Sunita Romy Gerstner

  • Yogalehrerin (BYV)
  • Entspannungskursleiterin (BYVG)
  • Atemkursleiterin (BYVG)
  • Meditationslehrerin (BYVG)
  • Ausbildung in Yogatherapie,
  • spiritueller Lebensberaterin,
  • Fachkraft für Spiraldynamik Level Basic
  • Craniosacrale Körperarbeit
  • Geistiges Heilen mit DIVINEnergie
  • Thai-Yoga-Massage

Yoga came into my life in January 2002 after I had suffered for many years from sickness and pain. Soon after I started to excercise I could feel the beneficial effects of the yoga postures on my body, pain relief and a general increase in strength.

That motivated me to intensify my practice and learn more about the yoga philosophy. In August 2003 I started a 2-year yoga teachers training, commencing with a 4-week intensive course.

This turned out to be the turning point in my life. Soon after I started the teachers training course I realised that my future task would be to transmit what I have learnt and experienced about yoga to other people. Immediately after the 4-week intensive training I started to teach yoga: in fitness studios, physiotherapy clinics, community colleges and in 2004 I rented a room and taught private yoga classes.

Further trainings followed: in 2004 relaxation training, 2005 pranayama and meditation course and in August 2005 I was a cerftified yoga teacher.

In October 2005 the Sunita Yoga Center was inaugurated with the aim to introduce the art and science of yoga to as many people as possible.

In recent years I continued my studies in Germany, Switzerland and India, concentrating expecially on yoga therapy, Craniosacral therapy, spinal cord dynamic training and meditation.

Today I am free of pain, more flexible than ever and I feel a deep gratitude that yoga came into my life and enables me to pass this knowledge on to other people.

During my journey not only have i traveled, learnt and tought i have become known all over the world in such countries as Greece, Austria, Italy, India, Morocco and most recently Indonesia. 

In 2012 I expanded the range of my activities and started training as a spiritual healer. I attended different training courses in various schools. Again and again I am deeply touched and grateful when I accompany people and even animals on their healing path and progress.